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A heck of a productive day

I didn’t get any writing done on Star Trek: Forgotten History yesterday, and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do much today.  When I sat down to start writing, I felt sleepy and unfocused, since I’d had a big lunch (pizza!).  So it was very slow going at first, but I pushed through and got a major scene done.  That was more than enough to count as a good day’s work at this early point in the process when I have plenty of time.  But I was eager to get on with the next sequence that would take me to the end of the chapter — and kind of a significant transition point in the book.  So I sat down and started on it, knowing I had about three and a half hours until my TV show came on.  And aside from a short break in the middle, I ended up writing for most of that period.  And when I finished and did the word count, I discovered I’d written 5800 words today.  Which is an amazing tally, and more than a quarter of the total count so far, as well as getting me up to around a quarter of the total target length fo the book.  I guess it’s because I had a milestone I really wanted to get to — that’s the sort of thing that often prompts me to keep going until I get there — but it’s still a remarkable day’s work.  Heck, if I could do the same every day, I could finish the book in less than two weeks.

On top of that, I decided that I didn’t really need the next scene I had in mind, and could just fold the relevant points into this chapter.  So I’ve saved myself some work in addition to doing a great deal of work, and that pushes me even farther ahead.

Though in a sense, what I’ve just finished was the easy part.  But I’ve got plenty of time to work through the rest.  I can’t remember the last time I made such excellent progress so early in a novel.

And now I’m sleepy.  *yawn*

Dawn probe reaches Vesta orbit!

Yesterday, July 16, 2011, NASA’s Dawn space probe entered orbit around the asteroid (or more properly, protoplanet) Vesta, the second-most massive object in the Main Asteroid Belt.  This is a mission I’ve following with interest, and I made a previous post about it back in April.  But now I can reveal why I’m particularly interested in this mission — because my upcoming novel Only Superhuman is set in the Asteroid Belt, and much of its action takes place on habitats around Vesta (or around Ceres, which Dawn will visit in 2015).  The novel mentions little enough about Vesta itself that I hope I won’t have to do any rewrites as a result of Dawn‘s findings, but I’m going to keep my eye on this just in case, and who knows — maybe I’ll get to write more about Vesta in a sequel.

Here’s the NASA press release:

And here’s the clearest photo of Vesta to date, taken on July 9:

 Dawn photograph of Vesta

So… we now have direct experience of Vesta.  I guess that means we aren’t Vestal virgins anymore! 😀

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