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Federation social studies

Star Trek: DTI: Watching the Clock established that the Federation Council created the Department of Temporal Investigations in 2270.  Since part of what Star Trek: Forgotten History is about is showing how that happened, I’ve spent most of today trying to figure out stuff about the Federation Council as of 2270.  While novels like Articles of the Federation have done a lot to define the nature and membership of the Council in the 24th century, as well as establishing various 23rd-century Federation presidents, and while Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home actually shows us the Council as it’s constituted in the mid-2280s, I found that essentially nothing has been established about its members as of 2270, at least as far as Memory Alpha and Beta can inform me.  So I couldn’t crib any existing characters for councillors; I had to make them all up from scratch.  (The novel The Lost Years did establish a couple of councillors’ names, but its version of events around that time is incompatible with the modern literary continuity, or at least with Ex Machina.)

So first off I had to figure out what worlds were known or likely Federation members as of 2270, either within canon or within Trek Lit continuity.   Since the council chamber seen in TVH had 60 seats (2 sets of 3 tiers with 10 seats each), I figured the Council might’ve had 50-plus members as of a decade and half earlier.  And when I put together a list of members, drawing first on canon, then on the Lit continuity, then on reference books like Star Charts and the Encyclopedia, and then on sites like Memory Beta (in order of priority, not time), I ended up with 40-odd certain or probable candidates, which is close enough to provide a good roster while leaving some wiggle room for what later books might establish.  (And I had to do a lot of winnowing down of Memory Beta’s list of Federation members, many of which don’t make sense to count as members at all.)

I won’t give my list here, since it’s tentative and conjectural.  But I’ve included a number of the species glimpsed in the background in “Journey to Babel,” and made sure to put them on the sub-councils (similar to congressional committees) that are featured “onscreen” in the novel, along with a few species from the TOS movies, mainly TMP.

So even though I’ve only added a thousand words to the manuscript today, I’ve done a lot of work.  Tiring stuff, and I kinda lost track of time (good grief, it’s 9 PM already?), but it’s nice to have the opportunity to fill in another unexplored slice of the Trek universe.