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Classic Kirk

I’ve been working on a chapter of Forgotten History that portrays scenes from a mission of the Enterprise late in the “five-year mission,” and it’s been fun treating them like excerpts from a TOS episode.  I’ve never really done that in my professional Trek writing career.  The only previous professional work I’ve done that’s set in the TOS era was “As Others See Us” in Constellations, and that was kind of an experimental story format-wise.  And most of Forgotten History so far has been a rather unconventional look at the TOS era, focusing largely on the “behind-the-scenes” stuff surrounding the time-travel episodes of the series, their consequences and backstory and such.  So this is my first all-out TOS pastiche.  The scene I’ve just written includes a set with stone walls (no doubt looking like papier-mache) decorated with an eclectic set of props (no doubt raided from the Paramount warehouse), a revealingly clad alien villainess who flirts with our captain, and a gratuitous fight scene complete with some classic Kirk fight moves (though, alas, no magic karate chop that causes instant unconsciousness if delivered anywhere within 8 inches of the back of the neck).

I generally tend to think the 5-year mission has been done to death — there are enough published stories in it by now to stretch it to at least 10 years — but now I can see the appeal of writing for it.  This stuff practically writes itself.  For those of us who grew up watching TOS, living and breathing and osmosing it, writing TOS-style adventure is kind of instinctive.

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