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A market on the square

As I think I’ve mentioned before, I’ve given up buying lettuce at the grocery store because they constantly spray it with water, making it rot faster and wasting my money and theirs.  (I think they do it so the greens won’t wilt, but wilted greens can be completely restored by soaking them in water for a while, but rotten greens are simply lost.)  Instead, I go down to Findlay Market, the main produce market in the city, and buy it there.  But this weekend I had some other stuff I wanted to shop for that was in the Hyde Park/Oakley area (where I lived for about the first 26 years of my life), so I decided to check online to see if there were any other produce markets in that part of town.  And I discovered the Hyde Park Farmer’s Market, which is apparently held every Sunday morning (at least during the summer) in Hyde Park Square, one of my favorite hangouts of old.  I’m surprised I never knew about this, but it’s been quite a while since I lived over there.

I got there to find that the block of Erie Avenue containing the square (which is actually more of a really long oval, or rather an oblong with rounded ends) had been closed to traffic, so that the various vendors’ booths could be set up in the street or parking spaces and pedestrians could move freely.  I had to park a fair distance away, actually pretty close to where I used to live, so it was a familiar walk.  I didn’t find any lettuce; the one booth that carried it had sold out by the time I arrived, alas.  But I had a nice piece of Greek-style vegetarian pizza and a strawberry scone, and bought some organic fettucine (or some similar type of pasta) which I’ll try later.  And it was a nice place to wander around in for a while, a nice atmosphere to take in.  It’s not an indulgence I could afford every weekend — since it’s a fair drive to get to that part of town and back — but it’s nice to know it’s there for future reference.

(And I thought about going to Findlay Market for lettuce, but the inbound freeway traffic was quite backed up, perhaps for some sporting event or other downtown, so I didn’t want to chance it today.  Luckily my freeway trip to Hyde Park is on the outbound side, and I took so-called “surface roads” back home.  Why are non-freeway roads called surface roads?  It’s not like the freeway is underground or in the air, most of the time.)

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