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More laptop woes

Well, I’ve been waiting nearly 2 months for that replacement laptop battery to come in, and when I checked in on Monday, the guy at the shop told me it would be in today.  So I walked up there this afternoon to see if it was in, and the IT guy told me that the main guy was out picking up the battery and I needed to come back later.  So I walked back home, and that was more than enough walking for me, so when I went in a little later, I drove over.  We put the new battery in and tried charging it — and nothing happened.

Which confirmed what I’ve been fearing for a while, that the problem is with the laptop rather than the battery.  And apparently the way to fix it is not just to go inside the thing and find and repair whatever circuit or capacitor or chip or whatever causes the problem — the way to fix it is to replace the whole dang laptop, except for the hard drive.  I was confused when they told me that, because when I suggested that before when I bought a new computer, I was told that it couldn’t work, that you’d have to reinstall and reload everything from scratch.  But now they tell me that that’s only if you’re dealing with two different models of computer.  If two computers have identical hardware, they say, you can swap out the hard drive with no problem.  So the guy’s going to get me a new laptop tomorrow.  Luckily the 60-day warranty is still good for another, like, two days.

It just seems so inefficient, doesn’t it?  Replace the whole machine for one damaged part?  But that’s the way technology generally is these days.  I hope that the laptop I’m using now won’t just be trashed, that it’ll be sent back and refurbished or something.  I’ll ask about that.

Anyway, I still had a few minutes left on the meter when I left, so I walked over to a sub shop to get some dinner, and got back to my car just about 2 minutes after the meter ran out.  And then I noticed something on the windshield.  My first-ever parking ticket.  “For two minutes?” I thought.  But then I checked the ticket and it said “No Pkng 4-6 PM M-F.”  I looked around in confusion for a sign to that effect, and eventually found a little sticker on the parking meter.  Oops!  And to think, I was considering parking in the lot right next to the street, whose meters seem to have just been taken out.  But I wasn’t sure whether that meant the lot was okay for public parking, and I didn’t want to risk… wait for it… getting a ticket.

Oh, well.  Hard-to-read signage or no, it was my mistake, and I take responsibility for my mistakes.   Luckily it turns out you can pay tickets online these days, so I’ve already gotten that taken care of.   I was a bit surprised at how much the payment was — not a huge amount, but maybe 20% or so more than I expected — but I guess that’s why they call it a penalty.  I will remember to check parking meters more carefully in the future.

But just think… if I’d waited a while longer before going to the computer shop the first time, I would’ve only needed to make one trip on foot and the parking meter would never have been an issue.  Again, no one to blame but myself.  Anyway, I’m definitely walking to the computer store tomorrow.

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