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Transplant complete…

I’m posting this from my new new laptop, with the previous laptop’s hard drive installed.  Which was a rather easy operation for the guy at the computer shop to perform, taking just a couple of minutes.  So far, all my programs and software appear to be intact.  The battery now holds a charge, though I had a bit of a scare when it didn’t seem willing to recharge.  I was almost convinced that the problem was with the AC adaptor and swapping out the whole computer had been a waste — but then I remembered that the adaptor was fine at providing AC power to the computer, so why wouldn’t it charge the battery?  So I shut the computer down and restarted it on battery power, thinking that might put it in the right frame of mind, so to speak; then I let it drain to 90%, and then I plugged in the charger.  And lo and behold, the charging light went on, and the power meter has been creeping upward.  Oddly, the recharge light is green even though the charge is below 100%, but it still seems to be charging.  Maybe that’s just a difference in the way this model of computer is put together — the light is green if it’s within several percent of a full charge, rather than at 100% as on my old Pavilion laptop.

The performance seems to be the same (for better or worse) and the hardware seems to be the same — with only one slight exception.  The previous laptop had Bluetooth installed but not enabled, while the new one lacks it.  Which doesn’t really matter to me, since I didn’t use Bluetooth for anything, but I kinda liked having the potential to have my phone and my laptop communicate through Bluetooth, even though I don’t really know exactly what that would entail.  Oh, well.  I guess if there should ever come a time when I need Bluetooth, I could get it installed.

I have yet to find out how much time the battery would give me at maximum.  So far I’ve mostly been using it with an external keyboard and monitor plugged in, and I assume those draw an additional power load.  But I’m sure it’s somewhat over 3 hours at least, and that’s somewhat better than the Pavilion, though not as good as I’d hoped.  I guess I’ll see next time I go on a trip, at the latest.

For now, though, I can say that the battery problem is resolved, though I still think it’s ridiculous that the way to “fix” the computer was to replace virtually the whole dang thing.  The store guy couldn’t tell me whether the manufacturer would repair, recycle, or just toss out the defective laptop, unfortunately.  Then again, when I bought my HP printer a while back, it was in a nifty reusable tote bag instead of plastic wrap, so I have some reason to believe that HP cares about being “green” and wouldn’t just throw it away.

And at least the replacement means that the store is going to reset my 60-day warranty period, in case something goes wrong with the new Compaq.  Which is well-timed, because I bought the first Compaq exactly 60 days ago.

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