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Writing done, but supper late

Well, I managed to finish the scene I started yesterday and write the next scene too, for 2600 words in all today.  That’s good progress.  Essentially since I’m managing to get through the scenes in my outline more economically than I’d originally thought.  Since the first part of the novel ran so much longer than I expected, I’m having to trim this part down.  Which actually isn’t a bad thing, since the first part spanned several years and several distinct adventures in fairly quick sequence, so making this next part (which is one long adventure) not quite so long should hopefully make for more consistent pacing.

It’s a good sign when you start writing and lose track of time.  I started the scene a little before 5 PM, which is around when I usually have supper; I figured I’d write until I got hungry, then make something and eat while I wrote some more.  But by the time I finished the scene, it was after 7 and I hadn’t even noticed being hungry.

I hope I can keep up that momentum tomorrow, and beyond.  Though I hope I still remember to eat.

45 years on the final frontier

Forty-five years ago tonight, on September 8, 1966, Star Trek made its television debut.  That’s a big anniversary, though not as big as the one coming up in five years.  I hadn’t even realized it was approaching, though.  I’ve been too preoccupied with writing Star Trek to think about celebrating Star Trek.  Probably the only thing I’ll do to commemorate the anniversary is to get some more work done on Forgotten History (hopefully a lot of work, though I didn’t get enough sleep last night so I’m not sure how much I’ll manage to get done today).

However, I am a participant in Star Trek Magazine‘s 45th-anniversary celebration in a couple of ways.  STM is doing a 2-issue “Ultimate Guide” to all the episodes and films, with an overview of each season (plus the movies as a group) done by a different author.  I’m doing Voyager‘s third season (my favorite year of that show) in the second issue, #37, which should probably be going on sale quite soon.  Also, throughout the year, STM has been doing a series of articles called “Star Trek 45s” which focus on every 45th episode of the franchise in the order they aired.  I did a piece on Voyager: “Concerning Flight,” which I think will be in issue #38, after the Ultimate Guide is done and the magazine resumes its regularly scheduled programming.

Good grief, 45 years.  Maybe one reason I don’t like to pay much attention to these anniversaries is that it reminds me that I was born during TOS’s original run (though in the latter half thereof, at least).  I can’t possibly be that old!  Well, you’re only as old as you feel.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get enough sleep so I’m not exactly brimming with youthful energy today.  But don’t mind me.  Happy anniversary and all that.

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