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Another farmer’s market (barely)

Recently I got a flier in the mail for a local farmer’s market that would be held today within walking distance of my apartment, so I went over there this morning to check it out.  I was expecting something big and well-attended like Findlay Market or the one in Hyde Park on Sundays, but it was just two people operating two tables next to a hospital building.  I walked right by them at first, thinking they must be some peripheral operation and I’d find the real place a block further along, but then I realized I could see the end of the street and there was nothing else there.  And the two tables had a limited selection, so I couldn’t find a head of Romaine lettuce or a garlic bulb like I wanted.

I did pick up a tomato, though, plus I decided to indulge a whim and buy an ear of corn.  I don’t think I’ve held an unshucked ear of corn since I was a kid visiting my relatives in Detroit.  So I had to ask for cooking advice on Facebook.  But it turned out very nicely, very fresh and sweet and flavorful.

Plus I got a nice long walk out of it — long enough that I was thoroughly winded (though not as badly as when I climbed the steps of Mt. Seleya to get home from Findlay Market that time).  But that’s good, because I need the exercise.

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