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Good news — the M:I revival is coming to DVD!

In working my way through Mission: Impossible season by season and posting my reviews here, I’ve lately been thinking that it was unfortunate I could only include the original series and not the 1988 revival which ran for two seasons.  After all, the revival was essentially my first clearly remembered experience with M:I; I have vague impressions of watching it occasionally as a child, or at least being in the room while my parents or grandparents watched it, but I don’t know if I followed it very well at that age, because I was virtually a complete novice to the series when the revival came along, and needed my father to fill me in on how it compared to the original.  Also it would be interesting to compare the two incarnations of the series, especially since four of its episodes are straight-up remakes of original-series episodes (shot during the ’88 writers’ strike — in fact, the original intent was to do it purely as remakes as a way to get around the writers’ strike, but the strike wrapped up soon enough that the series was mostly original).  Not to mention that a number of its first-season episodes were scored by Ron Jones (Star Trek TNG, DuckTales), and I’d love to hear those scores again.

So I was pleased to discover just now that the first season of the 1988 revival is scheduled for release on November 29. Which, of course, is a tie-in to the upcoming Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol, which comes out in theaters in December.  It might take a little longer to come to Netflix, I suppose, but depending on how long it takes me to get through the remaining three seasons of the original, I might be able to move pretty smoothly into the revival — although there’s no news on when the second season might come out.

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