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STRUGGLE WITHIN annotations are up

Like the title says, the spoiler discussion and annotations for Typhon Pact: The Struggle Within are up on my website now.  I won’t post a direct link, because of spoilers, but they can be accessed from the main discussion page here:

Typhon Pact: The Struggle Wtihin

Noe shews — I mean, new shoes!

The last pair of sneakers I bought, just five months ago, didn’t work out very well.  Turns out they were kind of cheap and flimsy.  It didn’t take long for my big toes to wear holes through the thin layer of fabric on the inside, and there’s just a loose mesh above that.  I was thinking I wanted something with ventilation, like my last pair before that, but these had too much ventilation even before the holes, and weren’t good for chilly or wet weather.  Plus they were kind of ugly, too garish for me.

So I decided I needed to buy a new pair of shoes, something better for the upcoming winter, and hopefully something less ugly.  The latter proved difficult; gym shoes these days tend to sport bizarre designs with weird zigzags or open construction in the soles and all sorts of odd decorations otherwise.  But this time I took more care with my selection than last time, and the pair I ended up with, although pricier than I would’ve liked, so far seems to be working out pretty well.  They’re maybe a bit too sedate-looking, solid black and almost dressy, but they have “bubbles” under the heels, apparently air pockets that serve to absorb shock and/or add spring to the step.  So far they’re actually quite comfortable for brand-new shoes — they’ve got a nice soft interior lining — and it does feel pretty good to walk in them.  My arches got a bit sore after a few minutes of walking, but I guess they and the shoes will need time to adjust to each other’s shape.

They’re leather shoes, and don’t have much ventilation, but I guess I can use them for cool weather and still get some use out of my other, cheaper shoes for warm weather (since they are only 5 months old and it’d be a waste to stop using them entirely even if they are flimsy and already have holes in the toes, which maybe I could patch somehow).  Anyway, I assume I’ll be using these shoes when I go to New York this week for Comic-Con.  When one is in Manhattan, it’s important to have good walking shoes.

The park down the street where I went for my walk has gotten something new as well — a new concrete walkway around the outside, which is a great improvement over the worn-out asphalt-and-dirt path that’s been there since I first moved here almost eight years ago.  I think that’s the first major change I’ve seen to that park since they upgraded the play equipment several years back — unless you count the tree that fell down last year and the sapling that’s replaced it.

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