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Getting ready…

I’ve spent much of the day packing and making final preparations for my trip tomorrow, since I’ll have to be up very early and won’t have time to get stuff ready then.  In fact, I’ve just been checking bus routes to the airport, and to get there early enough to be safe, it turns out I’ll have to leave the apartment by 5:35 at the latest.  So I’ll need to be out of bed by 5 AM tomorrow.  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!

So that means early bedtime tonight; I’ve set the DVR to record Mythbusters.  And that means this will probably be my last post before I get to New York.

But I’m all set up for breakfast tomorrow.  I bought one of those single-serve cereal cups and a bottle of iced tea, plus a plastic spoon, so I won’t have any dishes to wash in the morning (or to leave dirty in the sink for 5 days).  And I’ll finish packing things up (including my laptop) tonight and lay my clothes out and so on, all in the hopes of getting ready as quickly as possible.

I’m starting to think it might’ve been less of a hassle to take a later, longer flight.  But it’s too late to change now.  (Well, unless I oversleep and have to take a later flight.)

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