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Live from New York (finally)

Well, I’ve been in New York over two days now, but didn’t have the opportunity to get online until now.  On Thursday I was too occupied with getting settled in, going to Comic-Con, etc., and the thunderstorm Thursday night blew out my hosts’ wireless router, which has just now been replaced.

I was afraid of missing my 4:45 AM wakeup time, but I was wide awake by 3:30.  But it was necessary.  Even giving myself plenty of time to get to the airport, I still got to the plane with only minutes to spare.  Which meant I didn’t need to wait long.  The flight was uneventful and there were lots of pretty clouds to look at, though I’m sure they weren’t so pretty from below.  Took a while for my bag to be unloaded, though, and the bus from LaGuardia was late.

Staying with David Mack and his wife Kara has been nice.  I had a great time brainstorming with Dave about ideas for the new Star Trek project he’s working on.  It’s the first time I’ve done that kind of brainstorming with a fellow author in person rather than over e-mail, and it’s fun.

Comic-Con was hectic, but satisfying.  I got to hang out with a lot of my friends/fellow writers.  The book signing wasn’t well-attended, though, perhaps because it was during work hours on Friday.

Before that, I went down to visit my former Star Trek editor Marco Palmieri at Tor, where he now works, and where he’s helping out with editorial work on Only Superhuman.  Their Flatiron Building offices are pretty, err, cozy, but it’s a neat building to visit (the elevators, recreations from the original plans, are gorgeous).  Plus I got to pick up one of the advance bound manuscripts for Only Superhuman!

Only Superhuman Advance Bound Manuscript

Sorry, that’s a lousy photo.  But it’s a terrific feeling, getting to hold it in my hands in book form, even if it’s just the most preliminary form, before it’s even been properly copyedited.  It feels kind of like seeing a sonogram of one’s unborn child.  And it’s great seeing “Copyright 2012 by Christopher L. Bennett” instead of by Paramount or CBS or Marvel.

I didn’t go in to NYCC today; I needed time to recover.  But I’ll probably stop in once more tomorrow.  Then Monday I’ll be flying home.

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