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Gradually getting better

Well, I’m just about a week into my cold and I’m starting to feel more like myself again.  My sniffles have largely cleared up, I can breathe almost normally, and my hoarseness is starting to subside — I can almost speak normally again.  For a few days there, my throat was so sore/congested that I couldn’t speak except in a very deep, gravelly register or sometimes a low falsetto.  Just as well I haven’t actually had to speak to anyone.  I’m getting some of my energy back too, although within limits; sometime after breakfast this morning I lay down to read in bed, read for a while, then spent the next couple of hours half-asleep.  I wasn’t able to drift off entirely (I can almost never sleep in the day), but I couldn’t keep my eyes open and I spent a fair amount of the time in a hypnagogic (half-dreaming) state.  I’m still pretty sleepy now.

Which may be a sign of something I often have to watch out for after I’ve been sick for this long.  I reach a point where it’s hard to tell whether my lack of energy is due to being ill, in which case I should keep resting, or just due to having been sedentary for so long, in which case I should start being more active and getting my metabolism up again.  I think I’m still on the former side of the equation for now.  But it’s something to keep in mind over the next few days.  Especially since the chores are piling up.

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