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Almost well

I’m almost feeling back to normal now.  Still a bit sniffly, but I actually felt up to going for a walk in the park today, albeit a slow walk.  I think I mentioned a few weeks back that they’d put in a new sidewalk; now they’re in the process of putting in another one, so that basically the big grassy area will now have walkways all the way around its perimeter, which is nice and convenient.

I also did the laundry today, and it’s warm enough outside to have the windows open and get some air circulation, so hopefully that will clear out some of the lingering germs hereabouts and help me recover.  And I finally got just about completely caught up on washing the dishes last night.  And I paid my bills for the month.  I still need to get some groceries, but I guess that can wait another day or two.  I’m not completely back to normal yet.

One thing I haven’t managed to get back to yet is writing, though I have been starting to think about it again, so hopefully I’ll make some progress soon.

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