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And boy, are my arms tired!

I spent a fair amount of this morning trying to wash an old foam-rubber pillow.  Because of my neck issues, I use one of those therapeutic contour pillows — or rather, I’ve gone through a few since they eventually flatten out.  The one I currently use has gotten so squished as to be practically useless for neck support.  But I found I still had an old one in the closet that I hadn’t thrown out, and apparently it had rebounded to something like its original size and unsquishedness due to lack of use.  So I thought if I washed it, maybe I could swap it and the newer one out every so often and give them time to unsquish.  Then I wouldn’t have to buy a new one (they’re fairly expensive) and wouldn’t have to throw another hunk of foam rubber into the landfill.

But washing foam rubber is extremely hard to do, because it soaks up so much water.  I found instructions online, and they made it clear you have to knead out the water relentlessly and dry it thoroughly, since if moisture remains, it lets mold and mildew build up inside.  So I kneaded it as relentlessly as I could, but I’ve been sick most of the month and I’ve never had very strong arms to begin with, so I ended up with extremely, extremely sore and tired forearms and fingers.  And I’m still not sure I got out enough water.  I’ve had it sitting on a towel with a fan blowing across it — actually two fans, the tabletop fan and the ceiling fan — for several hours already, and it will probably take all day if not longer to dry out adequately.  I just hope it can dry out completely.  And I hope I didn’t do it too much damage in the washing process.  My kneading left some cracks and pits in the surface — I hope those don’t undermine its effectiveness as a pillow.

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