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Soup of the day (or two)

I came across an interesting new flavor of Campbell’s soup at the grocery store, an orange tomato soup.  No, it’s not made of oranges and tomatoes, but of an unusual orange variety of tomato.  By coincidence, I only recently discovered those existed; when I stayed with my friends Dave and Kara for New York Comic-Con, we had some in a salad, IIRC.  So when I saw there was a soup using them, I was curious.  It’s pretty interesting.  Orange tomatoes have a… well, I’m not sure my flavor descriptions are accurate, but they seem a bit sweeter and creamier, less acid and tangy than red tomatoes (although some of that may be the other soup ingredients).  Maybe even a bit like squash or even carrot, though maybe that perception is influenced by the color.  Anyway, they’re an interesting variation.  I was just at Findlay Market picking up a new head of Romaine lettuce, and I looked to see if they had any orange tomatoes, but apparently not.  Maybe they aren’t in season anymore, or they’re rare.  The Internet says they’re an “heirloom” variety, which would seem to mean both of those things are true.  Well, at least I have the soup.

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