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Follow pillow-up — I mean, pollow fillow-up — I mean…

November 5, 2011 1 comment

Well, after several days of fan-drying and occasional wringing, the foam contour pillow I washed seemed to be as dry as it was going to get, so I tried sleeping on it last night.  It wasn’t perfect but it was somewhat more comfortable than my other contour pillow is at the moment, and I got a reasonably good night’s sleep.   Hopefully my newer pillow will regain some of its original volume if I let it go unused for a while, and then once the “rehabilitated” one starts to get too flat again, I can swap back, and alternate between them thereafter.  Which would certainly be preferable to buying a new pillow every time the current one gets too flat.

I wonder if the more expensive “memory foam” pillows and mattress cushions that I see advertised on TV have the same problem, the foam getting more compressed and less comfortable over time.  Naturally that’s not the sort of thing they’d admit in the ads.

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