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All meatballs are not created equal

I was starting to miss the precooked, frozen turkey meatballs I found at a fairly distant grocery store a while back, so I decided to search harder for such a thing at my local grocery store.  My search led me to a section of the frozen-meats department that I usually overlooked, and I found a package of store-brand turkey meatballs, which I tried today on top of spaghetti.  Unfortunately, the store-brand meatballs aren’t as good as the other ones.  They’re blander in flavor.  And they aren’t even meatballs, more like stubby cylinders, as if they were extruded and cut mechanically.  I guess that’s what you get when you buy the store brand, but I couldn’t find any other varieties there.

Oh, well.  Maybe they’ll be better if I brown them in a pan rather than heating them in sauce in the microwave.

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