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The power of positive thinking

November 14, 2011 3 comments

Lately I’ve been feeling kind of depressed, which I figure to be the result of a variety of things — I was sick and feeling awful for a couple of weeks, and I’ve had trouble making any progress with writing so I’m frustrated, and the change back to standard time has thrown off my sleep and eating cycles, which is disruptive to my mood.  And it was all getting to be a bit much for me.  And then I just decided to try thinking about the stuff in my life that gives me reason to feel good, like the fact that I sold my first original novel and it’s only 11 months now until publication.  And it’s working.  I got myself into a pretty good mood this morning, though it’s faded a little by now.  Still, it’s a good start, and hopefully I can keep it up.

Well, on the plus side, it’s only a bit more than a week before I head to the DC area for the family Thanksgiving dinner at Cousin Barbara’s, my second time there.  That should help with the positive mood, assuming the trip is trouble-free.  So far I’m planning on driving, since it’s a lot cheaper than flying and I can’t write this off as a business trip.  (I’ll be going via the PA Turnpike, which should be better than the more mountainous route I took last year.)  But I might change my mind depending on the weather forecast.

The downside is that for some strange reason, my high school class’s reunion committee scheduled the 25-year reunion (good grief, it’s been that long?) for Thanksgiving weekend, so I won’t be able to attend.  I imagine a lot of other alumni would have to pass it up for the same reason, so I’m puzzled that they’d schedule it for then.  (But I’m glad I caught the conflict before I sent in the money for the reunion.)  It’s a bit of a shame, since I’d been looking forward to boasting about my novel, but it’s not like I had any real expectation of seeing old friends there.  Nobody I was really close to attended the 10th or 20th reunion.  So given the choice between that and the family get-together, the decision was easy.  Still, it would’ve been nice if they’d scheduled the reunion for a more convenient weekend.

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