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FORGOTTEN HISTORY copyedits done

I just e-mailed the copyedits for Star Trek DTI: Forgotten History off to my editor.  For all my loyalty to WordPerfect, I have to say, MS Word’s Track Changes and Compare features really streamline the copyediting process.

However, I wish the copyeditors of the world would catch onto two things:

  1. There’s nothing wrong with using “which” instead of “that” in a defining relative clause (e.g. “the planets which they visited” instead of “the planets that they visited”).  It may be a little old-fashioned or formal, but just because one guy wrote a book a while back proposing that “which” shouldn’t be used interchangeably with “that,” that doesn’t mean it’s actually ungrammatical.  And sometimes it flows better or fits a character’s voice better than using “that.”
  2. The word “spacetime” is not hyphenated.  Dictionaries of lay usage may hyphenate it, but in scientific usage (such as the dialogue of scientist characters in fiction), it’s a single unhyphenated word.
  1. November 25, 2011 at 11:11 am

    Very much looking forward to the new DTI book, Mr B. I’ve recently read ‘Watching the Clock.’ I enjoyed it greatly, and have posted a review on my blog: http://danieltessier.blogspot.com/2011/11/trek-review-watching-clock-by.html

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