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My bike broke! (But fortunately I didn’t)

December 2, 2011 2 comments

I’ve gotten out of the habit of bike-riding the past few months, ever since a close call with a car kinda scared me off of riding, at least in my neighborhood, which is just not a safe or enjoyable enough place for riding due to the heavy traffic and steep hills.  I’m sure a more experienced cyclist could handle it, but I just don’t like riding in the streets unless they’re very empty.

But as I mentioned before, I took my bike with me to the family Thanksgiving get-together in Maryland last week, and I participated in a lengthy bike ride there.  It got me to thinking I really should try to get back into riding at least a little; the streets may not be great, but there are some halfway decent places to ride on the nearby university campus (at least at times when it isn’t too crowded).  So I decided today to take a ride over to UC and get some much-needed exercise before the weather got any colder.

And that went well enough, and I made it all the way to the park-ish area where I kinda like to ride, and then I made it all the way back (mostly uphill, and with a couple of stops to rest) to the edge of campus.  Then I got off the bike to walk it across the street — and the seat swivelled under me.  It had popped loose or something and was spinning freely, and I couldn’t push it back down into place.  Luckily, I was just a couple of blocks from the local bike shop where I bought it, so I walked it over there, and the guy told me the seat had broken.  He didn’t have the part to fix it on hand, and it’d be a bit pricey to order a new one at this point.

Now, if I were still riding regularly, it’d be an easy decision.  But I’m not sure how much more bike-riding I’m going to do at all.  Well, I really should do the campus thing every so often, weather permitting, or maybe find some nice, safe, reasonably flat bike trail I can drive to (though I don’t enjoy the hassle of taking off my front tire and putting the bike in the trunk).  But I doubt I’d do much riding in the near future, with winter coming on.  So I decided just to walk my bike home and mull over the decision, and maybe just put off getting a new seat until next year, or at least until the fellow at the shop finds a discounted seat for me.  (I could just go for a rigid seat support instead of a suspension seat like the one that broke, but it would be rougher on my anatomy, probably.)

Well, at least I got the one ride in before the seat broke.  I can’t really say I enjoyed it, because I’m too out of shape for that and it was too crowded and too chilly.  But I did need the exercise.

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