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My “Best Trek Gift” story is on is doing a holiday feature entitled “The Best Trek Gift You Ever Gave or Got,” for which they interviewed a bunch of people associated with the Trek franchise, from actors and production staff to tie-in authors including me (and it’s flattering to be included on an equal level with the stars of the shows).  So I passed along the story of my most valued and most missed Star Trek present from my childhood, my Mego bridge playset, along with the photo of it under the tree which is my only surviving relic of it.  I’d expected them to cut down my rambling reminiscence and just use what they needed, but they actually published the whole thing (though they cropped the photo), and you can read it and the other Trek-gift stories here:

The Best Trek Gift You Ever Gave or Got – Part 1

There’s also a second part with further gift reminiscences, including more bridge-playset reminiscences (truly it was the Holy Grail of classic Trek toys).

The Best Trek Gift You Ever Gave or Got – Part 2

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Sometimes they come back

December 23, 2011 1 comment

Yesterday I went down to the apartment building’s laundry room to do my laundry — and sitting there on top of one of the dryers was a sock I’d lost the last time.  Maybe the sock-stealing dryer demons learned the true meaning of Christmas.  Or something.

Otherwise it’s another quiet holiday season for me.  I think I just get so overwhelmed by family Thanksgiving that I prefer quiet and solitude for a while thereafter.  I wouldn’t mind finding a comfortable middle ground, though.

But I’ve got stuff to keep my occupied, like proofreading the galleys for DTI: Forgotten History.  And after that, I hope to get back to work on that spec novel.

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