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Warning: I’m being impersonated on Twitter

I was just doing a Google search for references to Only Superhuman, and I discovered that there is a Twitter page from someone going by the username @Chris_L_Bennett and purporting to be me.  This page has over 50 followers, some of whom are people I know in person or online.  Folks, it isn’t me.  I don’t do Twitter.  I don’t even know how.  So if you follow this person’s “tweets” or whatever the things are called, you’re being misled.

This person is mostly quoting or paraphrasing my actual comments from various places, but some of the comments have nothing to do with me (like one professing an interest in Zooey Deschanel’s TV series that I’ve never watched) and some are outright falsehoods (like several from September involving a completely fabricated phone call with “an editor on the west coast”).  It doesn’t seem like this person has any malicious intent, but they’re still deceiving people and probably breaking the law.  I’ve notified Twitter of the impersonation and hopefully this will be resolved soon.

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