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Very good timing

I got into the hotel in Madison around 11 Central this morning, and luckily they had a room already prepared, so I’ve spent the past few hours doing some writing and taking a nap.  Then I turned on the TV to see reports of tornadoes tearing through southern Indiana.  Granted, if I’d left home this morning instead of the day before, I’d probably be near Chicago by now, but I’m sure I would’ve had some rough weather to pass through even without the tornadoes.  On top of what’s going on elsewhere, the snow’s been coming down outside my hotel window since shortly after I arrived.  So I got very lucky at dodging the weather, which is a nice change from my last road trip and the near-constant downpours I had to endure.

I just hope the weather doesn’t cause problems for my family members who are flying in this afternoon.

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