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Finished! (sort of)

I just completed writing the epilogue of my spec novel.  After doing the last scene of the climactic chapter yesterday, I wrote the last two chapters (counting the epilogue) today.  I don’t know how many words that was, but it was a lot for a single day’s work.  Things tend to go faster when I’m wrapping a story up.

All in all, I’m fairly pleased with how it turned out.  It still needs some refinement, probably some streamlining of the first two parts, but I’m pretty satisfied with the climactic third “act” and the ideas and worldbuilding I got to develop, not to mention the characterizations (and this book has a pretty large cast of characters that was a challenge to keep track of and serve adequately; I needed to keep extensive notes).  For a while I didn’t think it would ever come together cohesively, and I had my doubts about the revised premise, but right now it feels like it works.  Which, of course, is not definitive, not so long as it’s purely my opinion.  I’ve gotten a lot of rejection letters for stories that felt to me like they worked.

But at least I have a complete manuscript, a story with a beginning, middle, and end.  So I can look at it as a whole, revise it, and eventually shop it around.  If nothing else, I’ve finally reached a completion point after being stalled for a couple of years, and I can move on to new goals.

Which is good, because it’s the start of development season for 2013’s Star Trek novels, and I need to come up with a proposal.  Plus I need to get back to that Hub story in progress.  Still, I’ll probably do a full revision pass or two on the spec novel first.  And I’d like to cut it down some.  It came out to a whopping 138,600 words, which I think is a record for me.  Hopefully I can trim off a fair amount of chaff.

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