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Revisions and rewrites

I’ve been occupied lately with revisions on the spec novel I recently finished.  So far I haven’t had any luck reducing its length, but I’ve been able to make some refinements.  In particular, I realized that I hadn’t done enough to develop the setting for Part 3 of the book.  I’d been too focused on what made it a physically impressive environment and hadn’t done enough to establish it culturally.  So yesterday I reworked a significant scene, changing its setting and action to one that gave a better sense of the character, life, and history of the place.  It was a better context for the dialogue in the scene as well, letting them both work together to convey the things I was going for.  I may need to make a few more adjustments in that vein, but it’s definitely a major improvement.

Hopefully I can finish this draft over the weekend, though, since I’ve got the first-pass galley pages for Only Superhuman coming soon.  I’ve already gotten the PDF, but I don’t have the means to edit it (no Acrobat, only Reader), so I’ll need good ol’ paper and red ink again.

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