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What a ravioli-ting development!

Last week, I got a bag of frozen spinach-and-cheese ravioli at the store, and I failed to realize how big it was before I dumped the whole thing into the pot.  (It’s been a while since I had ravioli, so I’m a little rusty.  I was thinking in terms of those smaller packages that are only 2-3 servings.)  So I ended up with a whooollle lotta leftover ravioli in the fridge, four meals’ worth in addition to the first helping I had.  Thus, I’ve spent the past several days trying to devise a different topping for each one.

I had the first helping with alfredo sauce (so I could finish off the jar), which was okay.  But for the second, I decided to do something experimental as a way of using up some more leftovers.  Earlier I’d gotten a jar of vegetarian Cincinnati-style chili, which I hadn’t enjoyed too much in the context of a 4-way (served atop spaghetti with diced onions and grated cheddar) or a cheese coney (same toppings on a hot dog), but that was reasonably good when I got a can of kidney beans to make a 5-way (which should be self-explanatory at this point).  But that left me with a lot of leftover kidney beans as well as chili, and I decided to top my second helping of ravioli with chili and beans.  Which worked surprisingly well, I thought.

The third serving was topped with red sauce and sauteed onions and green peppers — which was kind of disappointing, I think because that brand and variety of red sauce didn’t work well in that context.  The fourth was simply with olive oil, a chopped garlic clove, basil, and oregano, along with a salad.  That was rather good, particularly thanks to the garlic.  And today I had the final serving, which I had with the same red sauce (I usually only have one jar at a time), but I added turkey meatballs and peas to the mix and sprinkled on some parmesan.  That was actually pretty interesting too.  Though maybe not quite as interesting as the chili ravioli.

Now I’m finally out of leftover ravioli.  So what’s for supper…?

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