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We’re number two!

The results of the Story of the Year voting are in, and DTI: Watching the Clock got second prize, with a whopping 343 votes.  The winner by a landslide was Star Trek: Mirror Universe: Rise Like Lions by my friend and colleague David Mack, to whom I extend congratulations (though I was actually rooting for Kirsten Beyer’s Voyager: Children of the Storm).  Still, apparently second place comes with a trophy of some sort, which I’ll be getting in the mail at some point.  And it’s the first time any of my published fiction has gotten any kind of prize, so that’s a notable step.  Thanks to everyone who voted for my book.

I guess I can put my second-place Story of the Year trophy next to the Second-Place Semifinalist trophy I won for the Scripps-Howard Spelling Bee back in 6th grade.  (The word that cost me first place was “meretricious,” a word one wouldn’t have expected a 6th-grader to know, since it means “of or pertaining to prostitutes.”  And I was eliminated early from the finals because the lady pronounced “ultimo” in a way that sounded to me like “altimo,” overpronouncing the “U” instead of just saying it normally.  I wuz robbed, I tells ya!)

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