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Warm at last…

The past week or so, it’s been unseasonably chilly hereabouts, and since my building apparently turns the heat off once spring arrives (or something), it’s been chilly indoors as well, which hasn’t been fun, especially since I’ve been a bit sick for a few days.  Yesterday I managed to muster enough energy to go shopping (since I was completely out of some essentials), and when I got into the car, I just sat there for a few moments relishing the greenhouse-effect warmth in there.  (I’m starting to wonder if I made a mistake getting an apartment with a northern exposure.  I didn’t want sun glare through the windows, but there are times when solar heating is nice to have.)

But I just checked the weather forecast and last week’s highs in the 50s and 60s are giving way to 80s all week.  Typical Cincinnati weather — spring is a brief transition between winter and summer temperatures, or a few brief transitions as the temperature yoyos between the extremes.  I’ll probably start complaining about the heat soon enough, but right now I’m grateful for it.

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