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Shopping, and dumb luck

My computer monitor and speakers were showing their age, so on Friday I went out to buy some new ones.  Apparently monitors only come in widescreen anymore, so that’s what I got, and I’m still getting used to it.  It’s too wide for my needs, and I’ve taken to reducing my program windows to less than fullscreen so I can bring in the edges.  As for the speakers, they’re not as high-fidelity as I’d hoped, but at least they don’t have the buzzing the old ones had (a sign that the speaker cones are deteriorating, I gather).  I also got a USB 2.0 hub which is faster than my old one.  I also looked for a new keyboard, since my current one occasionally has glitches, but I couldn’t find the kind I wanted, ergonomically shaped with a trackpad built in.  So I wasn’t able to replace that yet.

I also went to a home-furnishings store to get a new bath mat and a couple of new pillows.  My therapeutic neck pillow had gotten rather flat, and I figured it was time for a new one.  The inexpensive ones I’d been getting didn’t seem to have a very long life (and I’ve written before about my efforts to refurbish an old one, which didn’t work out well), so I decided to try one of the more expensive kind they advertise on TV.  But not only did I mistakenly get a “comfort” pillow rather than a “therapeutic” pillow, but I didn’t find it comfortable.  It was too dense and hard, not soft like I expected, plus it didn’t support my neck well.  So at about 4:30 AM I switched back to my standard pillow and gained a new appreciation for it.  I returned the expensive pillow the next day and didn’t bother to exchange it for another.

Anyway, I did some more shopping elsewhere (and visited the area’s library) so my second trip to the mall wouldn’t be wasted, finishing off with the supermarket, and when I was done it was pretty hot in my car.  So I rolled down all four windows, telling myself to remember I’d done that so I wouldn’t forget to roll the back windows up again.  But of course I forgot all about it, and just went through my normal parking habits once I got home.  Cut to this morning, nearly two days later: I was going to the local park for a walk and was coming through the parking lot, intending to take my usual look at my car to make sure it was still there, unburgled, etc.  I noticed a car that had its back windows down.  “Hmm, that looks kinda like my car.  And I remember parking in that part of the lot… but didn’t I move it closer since then?  I must have, because I wouldn’t be so foolish as to leave my windows… wait a minute…”

Luckily, my car is frumpy enough that it’s essentially burglar-proof, since nobody would want it.  The only evidence of intrusion through the open rear windows was a spiderweb.  So I rolled up the windows and locked the car properly again, and continued on my walk, musing on what a lucky idiot I was.

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