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ONLY SUPERHUMAN: B&N page updated

Only Superhuman by Christopher L. BennettThe ordering page for Only Superhuman at has now been updated with cover blurb and author bio.  It took them a while, but they’re all caught up now.

Only four months and four days to go!


Thanks to Marco Palmieri for tipping me off on this: Apparently Publishers Weekly magazine has just begun publishing a bestseller list, and look what’s in the debut edition (yellow highlighting added by me):

DTI:FH #10 on SF bestseller list

In case the small print is hard to read, it says that Star Trek: DTI: Forgotten History is #10 on the Top 10 Science Fiction list for the week of May 21-27 (sorry, I cut off the heading saying what week this was for).  But look at those numbers on the left: last week it was #4, and this is its 6th week on the list!  Apparently they’ve been tracking these results internally but this is the first time they’ve published the list.  So I’ve been a bestseller for weeks without knowing it!  Neat!

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