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As I remarked the other day, I recently got back to work on a Hub-universe story that I’d been stuck on for, oh, maybe 15 months or more; I still have a to-do list pinned on my door that dates from April 2011 and had finishing this story penciled in for May, then crossed off and put in October.  I didn’t know how to proceed for a long time, since the story was starting to go in a direction that didn’t mesh with the plot and the theme of the tale.  It was only a few months ago that I had an idea that would let me integrate the story’s elements better and give me an angle for how to proceed, and it was only recently that I was finally able to buckle down and get back to work on it.  It’s been slow going since then, dribbling out a little at a time.  I think part of the problem was that I really only had the beginning and end of the story outlined and was stumped on the middle.  But this morning I finally got to the point where it was time to begin paying things off, and the final two and a half scenes came rather quickly.  I was finally able to write “END” just a little while ago.

Of course, the story probably still needs a fair amount of revision.  I’m not entirely sure it all works (in fact, I just now thought of a change I should probably make to set up a key reveal better), and writing humor requires particular care with the word choice, timing, and so forth.  But at least I finally, finally have a completed first draft.  And that means that, once I do some polishing, I can set it aside and move onto the next thing.

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