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Shore Leave addendum

Okay, so I said in my last post that I’d have more to say later about the last day of Shore Leave.  There’s really not much to say, though.  I had the author breakfast, I had my three panels, I got checkout delayed enough that I could have lunch and vacate the room in the hour between panels, and everything went pretty smoothly, until the rain and my automotive mishap that’s stranded me in Carlisle, PA for the night.  (Although I should’ve refilled the ice bucket that I was keeping the leftover salad in, snce it was kind of wilted when I got around to eating it.  Plus I belatedly realized that Caesar dressing is made with egg, not something you want to let sit around at room temperature.  I haven’t gotten sick yet, though.)

I finally got to meet Ann (A. C.) Crispin, one of the first-generation stalwarts of Pocket’s Star Trek novel line, the author of the seminal Yesterday’s Son and its sequel Time for Yesterday (the latter being the book that really tied together the rest of the ’80s novel continuity), as well as the novelization of the original two V miniseries and a couple of the minority of V novels that were actually good.  She’s also known for her original Starbridge series, and most importantly, for running the Writer Beware website warning aspiring authors against scams.  We had two panels in common today, the tie-in vs. original fiction panel and the female action heroes panel.  Both were well-attended and spawned interesting conversations.  The Tor panel in between, with just Marco, Greg, and me, was more sparsely attended, but it went okay.  Basically Marco (with our help) was continuing the sort of thing he used to do for Pocket Star Trek books, giving a presentation of recent and upcoming books and their covers and descriptions, except for Tor’s lineup of original SF, fantasy, etc. instead.  There were some pretty interesting titles mentioned.  Some of the ones mentioned at the panel are covered on Tor/Forge’s Coming Soon page.

Overall, the whole thing just seemed to race by.  As I was on my way out of the hotel, I was amazed at how quickly I’d reached that point.  I just got there!  And essentially I did only spend about 48 hours there, from around 2:30 Friday to around 2:30 Sunday.  I guess I was kept so occupied yesterday and today that it seemed like it took very little time at all.

And then I left and it all went to hell.  The irony (lots of that today) is that I left early in hopes of getting as much driving done as possible before I hit the thunderstorms.  But if I’d just stuck around the con for another hour and a half or so, taken in another panel or two, the storm would already have passed.

I’m seriously thinking of flying to Shore Leave next year.  Sure, in absolute terms it’s more expensive than the cost of gas, but add in car repairs and this particular trip is definitely gonna be costlier than a plane ticket would’ve been.

  1. Lorraine Anderson
    August 8, 2012 at 8:23 pm

    I know I definitely can’t drive to Shore Leave, and I live about 12 hours land time from Baltimore (SouthWest Michigan.) Sounds like flying is a good option. I always rent a car, too, but maybe you can arrange to be picked up by somebody. Maybe even me and T’Bonz — talk to me next year. Or take the Super Shuttle.

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