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I’m home

Despite what I said before, I decided to push on for home.  I figured I should drive for as long as there was sunlight, and by the time the sun set I’d only be an hour or so from home, so it wasn’t worth paying for a motel.  I got home just in time to watch Alphas — followed by the second showing of Warehouse 13, since apparently my damn DVR didn’t record anything I had programmed after Friday.  I think most or all of it should be On Demand, though.

So anyway, I’m back.

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Car fixed

My car situation is all pretty much worked out.  I got a reasonably good night’s sleep in the hotel, though with disquieting dreams about the car (including a “tow” service where four big guys took off the wheels and then carried the body away, which would be really cool, except they did it without my permission).  I had breakfast, called the garage the hotel recommended, called the tow service the garage recommended, and got a tow.  The estimate was below my insurance deductible, which was unfortunate, but I guess that’s good because it means the damage wasn’t too extensive.  And at least the insurance will pay for most of the tow charge, which is something.  They also offered a rental car, which would’ve been useless unless I could get the garage to deliver my car 460 miles once they were done with it.

I managed to get delayed checkout at the hotel, and the repairs were done in enough time to let me get back here and have lunch before checking out.  I’m posting while I eat.  The main trouble I had was putting up with the sleazy talk show another customer was watching.  Eventually I decided I’d rather sit outside in the heat (though I did find a shaded, if decrepit, picnic bench).

There’s still some cosmetic damage to the car, and the driver’s side mirror’s still badly cracked, which worries me.  And I’m setting out later than I’d hoped, so I doubt I’ll get home by nightfall.  Not sure if I’ll risk driving in the dark for an hour or so or just stop at a motel for one more night.  We’ll see.  At the moment, I’m inclined to take the more cautious option.

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