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Kirkus Reviews: ONLY SUPERHUMAN “worthy”

Kirkus Reviews has posted its list of “Can’t-Miss Science Fiction and Fantasy Books for October” — and, well, Only Superhuman didn’t technically make the “Can’t-Miss” part of the list. However, it is listed in the “Worthy Runners-Up” section at the bottom as a “worthwhile” title for “more voracious readers.” And you know, in a month that features the Gregory Benford-Larry Niven “Big Smart Object” novel Bowl of Heaven (also from Tor) and the new Iain M. Banks “Culture” novel The Hydrogen Sonata, that’s kinda not bad.

Only Superhuman by Christopher L. BennettIn other news, the cover to Only Superhuman may have inspired a fundraiser for charity, courtesy of fantasy author Jim C. Hines. Admittedly, it’s kind of about poking fun at the cover, but I can be philosophical about that because a) it’s for a good cause and b) it brought a good deal of new attention to the book and to my blog, which has gotten a record number of views in the past few days.

Introducing my Facebook author page

October 5, 2012 1 comment

I’ve decided it was high time to create a fan page in Facebook to promote my work. My personal page wasn’t doing the job very well, I think, since I’ve been picky about whom I added as a “friend,” so my posts there only got limited attention. It makes more sense to use a fan page for promotion so I can focus the personal page more on just friends and family. So fans and generally interested parties are now encouraged to “Like” my fan page, which is at:

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