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I’ve been interviewed by’s book reviewer, Robert Lyons, has posted his latest “Book Roundup” article, which includes an interview he conducted with me in which I discuss both Enterprise: Rise of the Federation and Only Superhuman. Here it is:

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RISE OF THE FEDERATION also available for pre-order

January 29, 2013 1 comment

While I’m at it, I’ve found that there are pre-order links available for Star Trek: Enterprise — Rise of the Federation: A Choice of Futures as well. Here ya go:

Pre-order from Barnes & Noble
Pre-order from Amazon

Still no cover art available, though. I don’t know when to expect that or what it might look like. Currently I’ve got the copyedits in hand, and those are due back on Friday. I’m also told that the manuscript has been officially approved by CBS, so I should be getting the remainder of my advance shortly!

I’ve also just turned in the outline for my next Trek novel, which I can’t talk about yet. I’ve got until the end of July to write it, so once I’m done with the copyedits on ACOF, I’m planning to shift focus for the next month or two and work on some original short fiction.

ONLY SUPERHUMAN paperback and audiobook available for pre-order!

Only Superhuman by Christopher L. BennettWell, this comes sooner than I expected — I happened to notice the other day that some of the major book-buying sites online are already offering pre-order links for the mass-market paperback edition of Only Superhuman, which according to them is due to be released on August 27, just about seven months from now. (Give or take, of course, since there’s no fixed release date for most books, just whenever the stores get them on the shelves.) The listed retail price for the MMPB is $7.99, pretty much standard for the format — in other words, the same amount that my Star Trek novels sell for. So fans of my Trek work who’ve found the hardcover of Only Superhuman too pricey, yet prefer to have a physical book rather than buying the $11.99 eBook edition, can now order your copies at last, though you’ll have to wait a few more months to read it.

And Amazon has a preorder link for the audiobook adaptation from GraphicAudio as well, which is due out in February (though I’m not sure when in February) and is apparently 7 hours long and will retail for $19.99 on CD. Here are the links:

Only Superhuman MMPB — Barnes & Noble

Only Superhuman MMPB — Amazon

Only Superhuman audiobook — GraphicAudio

Only Superhuman audiobook — Amazon