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“Make Hub, Not War” is out too!

This is turning out to be a huge couple of days for me. The audiobook of Spider-Man: Drowned in Thunder went on sale this morning. Only Superhuman‘s mass-market paperback release is tomorrow, August 27. And also hitting stands on August 27 is this:

Analog November 2013

Yes, the November 2013 Analog, and thus my third Hub novelette “Make Hub, Not War,” goes on sale at the same time as the Ony Superhuman MMPB. And I made the cover again! That’s the second time! Apparently the issue’s already been received by subscribers, and I’ve found one review so far of “Make Hub, Not War,” which is guardedly positive: “It’s not Great Art or anything, but it’s Good Craftsmanship (which I respect) and I liked it.” I’ll take it.

ONLY SUPERHUMAN paperbacks are here!

Look what just got delivered to my door:

Only Superhuman MMPBs

It looks good. I’m a bit surprised that the spine is still green, since I’ve gotten used to the brown background of the front cover.

The books officially go on sale tomorrow (8/27), so there may be some on bookstore shelves even now.

And now that I have my copies of the MMPB, I’ll be able to double-check the page numbering and go live with my expanded annotations, which will encompass the hardcover, paperback, and audiobook editions of OS. There are a few minor textual adjustments, meaning that the paperback is now slightly more final and authoritative than the hardcover (although we’re talking, like, three single-word factual errors corrected, a missing number in the appendix restored, and a couple of typos fixed).

Here are some ordering links:



Barnes & Noble

And here’s the link for the audiobook:


I do hope the book performs well in MMPB. I always felt it was more a paperback sort of tale anyway.

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