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2015 Ohioana reception

This past Sunday, I was a guest at the annual Ohioana Library Association reception for Ohio authors at the Cincinnati Public Library. Here’s a shot of me from their Flickr stream, accepting my certificate from Ohioana Hamilton County Committee chairman David Siders:

MAIN 2015 Ohioana 064

(And yes, I finally got a haircut. Now I feel it’s too short. I just can’t make up my mind!!)

As you can see, this was one of my rare occasions for putting on my sport jacket and looking almost formal. As it turns out, it was appropriate to get dressed up, because one of the other authors in attendance was none other than Dr. Henry Heimlich! It’s been said that, by inventing the Heimlich Maneuver, Dr. Heimlich has saved more lives than any other individual in history. And I was in the same room with him! I didn’t get to speak to him, but still, wow!

I was officially being acknowledged for last year’s Rise of the Federation: Tower of Babel, but due to the timing of these events, I donated a copy of that to the Ohioana Library last year, so this year I gave them a copy of Uncertain Logic. I’m getting ahead of the curve. After the presentations, there was a brief meet-and-greet event where guests could talk to the authors and we could try to sell our books. I only managed to sell one, but it was one of my few paperback copies of Only Superhuman. I didn’t have any luck moving the hardcovers last year, so I figured I’d have a better chance with an 8-dollar paperback, and I guess I was right.

My thanks to the Ohioana folks for inviting me to their events every year.

Welcome to my new homepage!

The job of restoring my webpage content to Written Worlds is now basically complete. I now have pages up for all my fiction, and annotations or spoiler discussions for everything except three out-of-print original stories. My first two Analog stories, “Aggravated Vehicular Genocide” and “Among the Wild Cybers of Cybele,” didn’t have much in the way of notes anyway, and since the stories currently aren’t easily available, I didn’t see much point in putting up annotations. I do hope to find some way to get them and “The Weight of Silence” back into print, though I’m hoping it’ll be a way that’ll make me some money, e.g. as ebooks (though I fear they don’t lend themselves to being collected together as well as my Hub stories). In the meantime, I tried to provide some back-issue links for the Analogs, at least.

The site is now rejiggered so that the “landing page” of is now my homepage rather than my blog; the front page of the blog is now that with /blog/ appended, though the actual posts’ addresses are unchanged. Still, you might want to edit your bookmarks if you still want to arrive at my blog first.

Note that there’s now an expanded menu under the banner, directing you to all the distinct pages. There’s one page for every novel, one page for my original short stories, and one page for my Star Trek short stories, though spoiler notes are still on separate pages. It should hopefully be a more elegant arrangement than my old site where all my books and stories were crammed together on just a few pages. Although that Trek Fiction submenu sure has a lot of pages on it. I hope that isn’t too cumbersome, since it’s only gonna get longer.

I was able to leave out a couple of pages by integrating their content with the main annotations pages. This was facilitated by the ease of adding images to a WordPress post. Some of my more elaborate tables wouldn’t fit into the column format here, but I discovered I could copy them into a paint program and save them as images.

I have not yet restored my History Papers and Kitty Pictures pages. As for the college history papers, I’ve uploaded PDFs of a few of them, specifically those that were linked to in my novel annotations. Whether I’ll do the same with the rest remains to be seen. And since my cats have been gone for over five years now, I’m not sure there’s much point in restoring their page. Maybe I’ll make a Facebook album of those pictures or something.

I’m stil planning to do more maintenance, such as adding more ordering links to the book pages. And I intend to look into alternative WordPress themes (designs/formats) that are more website-oriented. Also, if you encounter any problems with the site (e.g. dead links), please let me know. But I’ve completed the important work now, and I should really get some rest and then refocus on writing Rise of the Federation Book 4.

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Now here’s my plan…

I’ve been looking into options for replacing my dead website, and I’ve gotten a lot of suggestions from a number of helpful people, particularly my sister Kathleen and fellow Trek fan/writer Allyn Gibson. But while some of the possibilities for creating a new site seem promising, I think I’d need to give them some more thought and learn how to do stuff, and that would take time. It would also take money to get my own domain and host and stuff, and that’s not good timing with tax season upon us. So for now, I’m just going to try to recreate most of my website content as pages here on Written Worlds. If that works out, maybe I’ll do a fuller revamp of WW to turn it into more of a webpage-with-blog-attached rather than blog-with-webpage attached. Alternatively, this could just be a stopgap until I decide to create a new page somewhere else. In which case I’ll be doing more work in the long run, but better that than keep my fans waiting for new annotations and such.

So Written Worlds will now be under construction as I create new pages and figure out the best configuration for things. I trust my readers will bear with me. I’ve already made a couple of changes, sprucing up my About the Author page a bit, adding a bibliography, and — most importantly for me — adding a PayPal donation button to the sidebar. There will be more changes and additions to come, hopefully fairly quickly. When it comes to adding book annotations, I’m planning to prioritize the new ones and work my way backward.

In case anyone’s wondering, yes, I do have backups of all my old site content. I created and saved it all on my own computer before uploading it, since it was such an old, old website that the provider didn’t even have online creator software. (I’ve been using a mix of Netscape Komposer and MS Word.) So hopefully it should just be a matter of copying and pasting things into new WordPress pages, reformatting as needed, updating links, and uploading images to my blog gallery. So that shouldn’t take too long, once I get the hang of it. The main issue is figuring out how to configure it all into pages here on WW, but my sister directed me to an advice page about author-site creation that makes some good suggestions. I think I have a decent idea at this point of what I want to do. It should be an improvement on my old site and the way I had just one big master page for each category of my fiction (Original, Trek, Marvel). I think I’ll be able to create master pages here that are more like index pages linking to separate pages for each individual work.

So that’s my plan. I just hope it works…

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My website is gone

I’m sorry to report that my former website at has ceased to exist. I recently learned that Google’s crawler has been unable to access the site since March 19th, and I’ve had no more luck getting through. I contacted the ISP about it, and I got a boilerplate message saying that they’d decided to stop hosting webpages as of last December 1st and that they notified their subscribers of the change — which is weird, since not only did I never receive any such notification, but my site was working fine as recently as March 16th, when I last updated it. I asked them a followup question about this three days ago, but I haven’t yet received a reply.

Whatever the case, though, my site is apparently gone now. I’d actually been thinking about moving it already, since I’ve been having intermittent problems with it for months now, ranging from temporary downtime to malware infection. Also I recently got a notification that Google wasn’t prioritizing it in searches anymore because it wasn’t mobile-friendly. But I’d hesitated to move it, because my About the Author notes in my various published works over the years have been directing people to that site from the beginning, and I didn’t want them to find a dead link.

But now the decision’s been made for me. I no longer have a site, and I need to find a new host, ideally one with more up-to-date site creation software than I’ve been using. I’m open to suggestions. I’m considering the possibility of adapting my site content and reposting most of it here on Written Worlds, but I’m not yet sure if that’s the best option. (As a test, I’ve already done so with my bibliography, which you can find as a popup menu item under “About Christopher L. Bennett” at the top of the page.) I may post my annotations for Rise of the Federation: Uncertain Logic here as a stopgap, and perhaps do the same for Hub Space, whose annotations were up for all of three days before the end.

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