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Now here’s my plan…

I’ve been looking into options for replacing my dead website, and I’ve gotten a lot of suggestions from a number of helpful people, particularly my sister Kathleen and fellow Trek fan/writer Allyn Gibson. But while some of the possibilities for creating a new site seem promising, I think I’d need to give them some more thought and learn how to do stuff, and that would take time. It would also take money to get my own domain and host and stuff, and that’s not good timing with tax season upon us. So for now, I’m just going to try to recreate most of my website content as pages here on Written Worlds. If that works out, maybe I’ll do a fuller revamp of WW to turn it into more of a webpage-with-blog-attached rather than blog-with-webpage attached. Alternatively, this could just be a stopgap until I decide to create a new page somewhere else. In which case I’ll be doing more work in the long run, but better that than keep my fans waiting for new annotations and such.

So Written Worlds will now be under construction as I create new pages and figure out the best configuration for things. I trust my readers will bear with me. I’ve already made a couple of changes, sprucing up my About the Author page a bit, adding a bibliography, and — most importantly for me — adding a PayPal donation button to the sidebar. There will be more changes and additions to come, hopefully fairly quickly. When it comes to adding book annotations, I’m planning to prioritize the new ones and work my way backward.

In case anyone’s wondering, yes, I do have backups of all my old site content. I created and saved it all on my own computer before uploading it, since it was such an old, old website that the provider didn’t even have online creator software. (I’ve been using a mix of Netscape Komposer and MS Word.) So hopefully it should just be a matter of copying and pasting things into new WordPress pages, reformatting as needed, updating links, and uploading images to my blog gallery. So that shouldn’t take too long, once I get the hang of it. The main issue is figuring out how to configure it all into pages here on WW, but my sister directed me to an advice page about author-site creation that makes some good suggestions. I think I have a decent idea at this point of what I want to do. It should be an improvement on my old site and the way I had just one big master page for each category of my fiction (Original, Trek, Marvel). I think I’ll be able to create master pages here that are more like index pages linking to separate pages for each individual work.

So that’s my plan. I just hope it works…

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