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Welcome to my new homepage!

The job of restoring my webpage content to Written Worlds is now basically complete. I now have pages up for all my fiction, and annotations or spoiler discussions for everything except three out-of-print original stories. My first two Analog stories, “Aggravated Vehicular Genocide” and “Among the Wild Cybers of Cybele,” didn’t have much in the way of notes anyway, and since the stories currently aren’t easily available, I didn’t see much point in putting up annotations. I do hope to find some way to get them and “The Weight of Silence” back into print, though I’m hoping it’ll be a way that’ll make me some money, e.g. as ebooks (though I fear they don’t lend themselves to being collected together as well as my Hub stories). In the meantime, I tried to provide some back-issue links for the Analogs, at least.

The site is now rejiggered so that the “landing page” of christopherlbennett.wordpress.com is now my homepage rather than my blog; the front page of the blog is now that with /blog/ appended, though the actual posts’ addresses are unchanged. Still, you might want to edit your bookmarks if you still want to arrive at my blog first.

Note that there’s now an expanded menu under the banner, directing you to all the distinct pages. There’s one page for every novel, one page for my original short stories, and one page for my Star Trek short stories, though spoiler notes are still on separate pages. It should hopefully be a more elegant arrangement than my old site where all my books and stories were crammed together on just a few pages. Although that Trek Fiction submenu sure has a lot of pages on it. I hope that isn’t too cumbersome, since it’s only gonna get longer.

I was able to leave out a couple of pages by integrating their content with the main annotations pages. This was facilitated by the ease of adding images to a WordPress post. Some of my more elaborate tables wouldn’t fit into the column format here, but I discovered I could copy them into a paint program and save them as images.

I have not yet restored my History Papers and Kitty Pictures pages. As for the college history papers, I’ve uploaded PDFs of a few of them, specifically those that were linked to in my novel annotations. Whether I’ll do the same with the rest remains to be seen. And since my cats have been gone for over five years now, I’m not sure there’s much point in restoring their page. Maybe I’ll make a Facebook album of those pictures or something.

I’m stil planning to do more maintenance, such as adding more ordering links to the book pages. And I intend to look into alternative WordPress themes (designs/formats) that are more website-oriented. Also, if you encounter any problems with the site (e.g. dead links), please let me know. But I’ve completed the important work now, and I should really get some rest and then refocus on writing Rise of the Federation Book 4.

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