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Green Blaze triumphant! ONLY SUPERHUMAN earns out its advance!

I got my latest royalty statement for Only Superhuman today, and since the last few have been less than satisfying, I didn’t have much hope that this one would be any different. I’d been edging slowly closer toward the point where the royalties would exceed my advance, but I was starting to doubt if I’d ever actually get there. So imagine my thrilled surprise when I opened the envelope and discovered there was a check enclosed! Not a huge check, but a check! I made it! For the first time in my life, one of my novels has earned out its advance. It’s not as big a success as I was hoping for — I still think I would’ve reached this point sooner if there had been more copies of the mass-market paperback published and put on shelves in the first place, so that readers could find it — and it’s not an achievement that’s going to put me on the map any more than I was before, but it is a goal reached and surpassed, however modestly. And it’s a career first. That’s something to be proud of. Plus, it means that any further sales of the book will earn me more money, at least in small amounts. It’s still available in every edition except MMPB.

(The check was well-timed, too. Not only is it a bit of extra money at a time when I could use some, but it came within 24 hours of two other unrelated checks, so I only needed to take one trip to the bank to deposit all three.)

Emerald Blair herself is head over heels about the news:

Only Superhuman cover art by Raymond Swanland


Okay, it’s the same pose she’s been in since 2012, but she really means it this time!

  1. Byron Bailey
    May 5, 2015 at 7:48 pm

    Well done, Christopher. I had the pleasure of reading your book while in Hawaii – you may remember my comments I posted on Amazon – then again, you may not. 🙂 I’ll take the time to add a few of things, now. First, if it is no longer available in paperback, maybe they should be printing more. Just makes sense to me, but then again, I’m a soldier (almost retired) not a publisher. Second, I would love to see this put on the screen – an animated version would work well, too. Lastly, I’d love to take you out for a celebratory drink. Ya ya, I know you don’t drink, but I do. You can have a…..a….well, whatever. Congratulations.


  2. May 5, 2015 at 10:59 pm

    Congratulations! I can only imagine what a nice feeling that royalty check must be.

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