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Well, it’s finally happened. A few years ago, I made a post called “Murphy’s Law of glassware,” talking about how every set of drinking glasses I bought tended to suffer breakage until there was only one glass left, which then continued to survive indefinitely. I talked about how the oldest tumbler in the set, a black-tinted one with a narrow base, had lasted just about forever, since well before I moved out on my own. It was part of a set that I also have a few smaller glasses from, but it was the only tumbler-sized one. I had my morning orange juice in it every day as a matter of long habit, and I was rather attached to it for its sheer longevity. I knew it would probably break eventually, though, so I took a picture of it for reference in case I ever figured out how to search for a replacement online somewhere:


(A much blurrier picture than I realized…)

Anyway, after lunch today, I was rinsing out an empty pickle jar, and it slipped out of my hands and caused a chain reaction that led to this:



(A much, err, sharper picture.)

Now I have nothing left but the picture. All these years together, and one clumsy moment cost me my most stalwart and loyal beverage receptacle. And now I’m sad.

Sure, it was just a drinking glass. And I still have a few of its smaller siblings. But I take comfort in familiarity and habit, and this is the loss of something that’s been with me nearly every morning for as long as I can remember. It was my favorite glass and now it’s gone. (Though at least this time I was wearing shoes when a glass broke on the floor.)

I’d be glad to track down some replacements of the same design if I could. I like the design. It’s simple yet distinctive, it’s got a nice dark hue, and the thick bases provide a lot of stability. But I have no idea how to search for replacements. Unlike the teacup I broke a while back, these glasses don’t have any label printed on them, so I don’t know the name of the design or the manufacturer. And the set is so old that I don’t know if they’re still being made. I tried an image search for similar glasses some time back, but had no luck. If there’s a way to refine or narrow the search, I don’t know how to do it. That’s part of why I’m posting this — I’m hoping someone will recognize the design or be able to point me in the right direction.

Glass is so frustrating. It’s such a marvelous material in so many ways — strong, stable, versatile, clear — and yet it’s so fragile at the same time. I wish someone would invent a way to modify its molecular structure so that it would briefly turn soft and flexible upon impact — sort of the opposite of those non-Newtonian fluids that turn semi-solid when struck. If glass would only bounce when dropped or struck rather than shattering, but remain just as strong and rigid the rest of the time, it would be perfect.

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I’ll be at Books by the Banks Oct. 17!

Sorry for the late notice… After missing out on it last year, I’ll be a guest at the Books by the Banks festival again this year. The event will be on Saturday, Oct. 17 from 10 AM to 4 PM at the Duke Energy Convention Center in downtown Cincinnati, on 525 Elm Street. Here’s the directions page with parking information. My featured book at the festival will be Star Trek: Enterprise — Rise of the Federation: Uncertain Logic, but hopefully there will be copies of my older books available as well.

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