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Well, not all my writing news lately has been good. I just missed out on getting an assignment because the proposal I e-mailed in just before the deadline got lost somehow and never reached the editor. I only just found that out when I checked in to see why I hadn’t heard back. It’s something I can still do for them later, just in a different context — but that means I won’t get paid for it until some time later, and I still have a need for things that will pay off sooner. Really frustrating that I missed out for such a stupid reason.

The irony is, I went through a stretch of a few weeks where I didn’t hear back from anyone on anything and I was starting to wonder if there was something wrong with my e-mail. I even tried sending test e-mails between my two addresses to check. Since then, I’ve gotten replies on most of the other things, so I figured I was fine on that front and maybe the editor was just delayed. Only for it to turn out that I was right the first time (at least in that instance) and the mail just didn’t get through.

It just occurred to me to check back through my past correspondence with this editor, and it turns out that I’ve always gotten an e-mail acknowledgment when I submitted something. But it’s a relatively new working relationship, so I guess I hadn’t realized that yet. If I had, maybe I would’ve noticed sooner that something was wrong.

It also just occurred to me that another thing I haven’t heard back about was sent to another publisher just a week earlier. So I’ve contacted them to double-check that they got it.

The odd thing is, I also had a delivery problem with a couple of pieces of physical mail back in January. I was contacted by two different businesses asking if my address had changed because something sent to my correct address (a bill in one case, a tax form in the other) had been sent back as undeliverable. Evidently there was a brief mixup at the post office, though I’m not sure what it was, because it didn’t affect any of my subsequent mail. Odd that I’d have both physical and electronic mail delivery problems in consecutive months. At least the snail-mail delays didn’t cost me any work, although I did postpone my tax appointment by a few days to make sure the form got to me in time. (Unnecessarily, as it turned out, since I got it on the morning of the day of my original appointment.)

Oh, speaking of work, I still haven’t had much luck finding a job. I got an interview for a position at the public library, but it’s always been very hard to get in there and I didn’t get the job, as I expected. But on the day before my interview there, I got a request to interview for a bookstore job I’d almost forgotten I applied for back in the holiday season. It helped to know I’d have another option in the likely event that the library thing didn’t come through. I’m waiting now to hear back about the bookstore job. Failing that, I guess I’ll have to search online for work again. At least my impending check for the new Hub stories should give me a little more breathing space to keep looking. But the gig I missed out on would’ve helped a bit more on top of that.

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