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Arrghh 2: Eclectic bugaboos

I didn’t get the bookstore job. I’ll have to keep looking for other options.

I’d been hoping to get my check for the new Hub stories before the end of the month, before I had to pay my bills. No such luck — still waiting. It’s typically 3-4 weeks, but they said they’d expedite it if they could. I guess they couldn’t.

The extra-cushiony recliner seats they had in the movie theater where I saw Black Panther last week aren’t good for aging bodies. I’ve been dealing with pain in my right hip ever since, and I thought it was fading, but it got really bad yesterday. Hot baths and heating pads seem to do the most good, and it’s a lot better today, but I had to go out yesterday to buy more pain medication. How’s that for lousy timing?

Oh, and I missed the deadline for RSVPing this year’s Ohioana reception at the Public Library, so I guess I won’t be there this time.

On the writing front, the news is slightly more promising. I’ve been rewriting a story — with advice from fellow Star Trek scribe and Marine Corps veteran Dayton Ward on some military matters, thanks, Dayton — and though I got stalled last week, I think it’s just about ready to submit now. There’s another thing I submitted recently that I think might be getting seriously considered, at least, and I have reason to believe I’ll hear back fairly soon. And last week I happened to discover something I’ve always wanted to find, a source of up-to-date information about science fiction anthology markets. I’ve also learned that the newest incarnation of Amazing Stories magazine is going to start taking submissions soon. So hopefully those will give me access to a few new markets to submit stories to. I still need to write some more stories, which is the tricky part, but maybe having more markets to write for will spark some new ideas. I wish I’d found the anthology list sooner, though, since the most promising market right now is only open through the end of April. So if I want to submit something there, I’d better think and write fast.

  1. April 3, 2018 at 11:53 am

    Hang in there, and good luck. You’ve got too much skill for any slump to last.

  2. Kay
    April 3, 2018 at 12:45 pm

    I hope the Trek contracts get worked out soon so we can hopefully get a new DTI novel from you. BTW my hip issues were actually spine issues that my wonderful new chiropractors do an amazing job with.

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