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WILD CYBERS Kickstarter — two weeks left!

Time is running out, folks. There are now only two weeks left to pledge to the eSpec Books Epic Science Fiction Adventures Kickstarter for my Among the Wild Cybers story collection and Bud Sparhawk’s new novel Shattered Dreams. We’re now less than $120 short of the second stretch goal, which will unlock a DRM-free digital copy of my recent Analog short story “Abductive Reasoning” for all backers at the $5 level and above. Meanwhile, Bud Sparhawk has just provided two new special pledge levels: For a pledge of $50 or more, five lucky pledgers will receive print and digital copies of Shattered Dreams and a limited-edition Bud Sparhawk trading card, and for $70 or more, five pledgers will receive all of that plus a pair of uniform patches for military divisions within Bud’s fictional universe, I guess for cosplayers and the like.

And remember, there are still more bonus stories to be unlocked for every additional $500 pledged! Only two weeks to go!

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