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WILD CYBERS: Second stretch goal met! “Abductive Reasoning” is unlocked!

We did it! The Epic Science Fiction Adventures campaign has just surpassed its $1500 stretch goal, which means that all Kickstarter backers at $5 and above will get an electronic copy (DRM-free) of my short story “Abductive Reasoning” along with Among the Wild Cybers, Bud Sparhawk’s Shattered Dreams, and whatever other goodies they’ve pledged for. Another short story by Robert Waters, “Los Gatos,” had previously been unlocked.

Note that we’ve dialed back our goals a bit, since there’s only a shade over a week left in the campaign. Before, the interval between successive stretch goals was $500, but now it’s been dropped to $300. That means that if we can get the pledges up to $1800, backers at $5-up will receive a digital copy of Danielle Ackley-McPhail’s short story “Forest of a Thousand Lost Souls” in addition to “Los Gatos” and “Abductive Reasoning.” If we can get up to $2100 in the week remaining, the next bonus is a full novel, David Sherman’s Issue in Doubt. And there are four more short stories to unlock up to $3300.

Can we make it to any more stretch goals in the 8 days remaining? Remember, folks, the more you pledge, the higher the monetary advances Bud Sparhawk and I get for our books, and the more benefits you and all your fellow backers receive in return.

  1. May 23, 2018 at 9:21 am

    Wow, we’ve already jumped to $1722 overnight! Just $78 dollars from the third stretch goal now! Great going!

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