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WILD CYBERS: Kickstarter has ended

Well, my first Kickstarter has now ended. By yesterday morning, we’d succeeded in unlocking the fourth stretch goal, David Sherman’s novel Issue in Doubt, just over a day after unlocking the third. That gave me hope that in the final day, we’d make it to the fifth stretch goal level of $2400 and unlock a Bud Sparhawk short story as an additional bonus for our pledgers.

But we missed it by that much. The final tally of the Epic Science Fiction Adventures campaign is $2,383 from 87 backers. We could’ve made it to the fifth goal with just one more backer. Ah, well. Nonetheless, just short of $2400 is a pretty good haul for a campaign whose baseline funding goal was $800. We very nearly tripled that, which is a promising sign for the public’s interest in the books. Although it’s interesting how much of that activity was in the last 3 days of the month-long campaign. At times when the pledges were lagging, sometimes going for days without movement, I hoped that maybe people were just holding off until the end for whatever reason. I didn’t expect to be right about that, though, not to this extent. We ended up making considerably more than I would’ve anticipated just a few days ago.

So I’m very grateful to all the Kickstarter backers for their help in funding Among the Wild Cybers: Tales Beyond the Superhuman, and Bud Sparhawk’s new novel Shattered Dreams as well. I hope all 87 of you enjoy the books, and the digital stories and other goodies that you’ve earned as rewards. Thank you all.

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