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The dawn

I’m relieved to report that my advance check did finally come today, and I just got back from depositing it in the bank and restocking my depleted groceries. I’m not exactly celebrating, since a significant amount of it needs to go to paying bills right away, and I’m not yet sure when the next installment will come. And I’ve just been worried for so long that it’s hard to shake it off and really feel at ease. Still, I’m back from the brink, just in the nick of time. And I’m very grateful to my fans who made donations and book purchases — I wouldn’t have made it to this point without your help. Those of you who ordered books should begin seeing them in the mail fairly soon.

Another bit of good news — I finished doing my taxes this morning (did them myself since I couldn’t afford to pay my usual tax preparer this year), and I’m pleasantly surprised to see that the new tax laws this year benefit me, even though I’d gathered that they only helped the ultra-rich and hurt most everyone else. I was afraid I’d owe a lot, but I owe significantly less than last year, at least federally (haven’t done Ohio yet). So that won’t take too big a chunk out of my advance.

So now (or once I finish my taxes) I can get back to focusing on writing, and see a movie or two. But right now I think I just want to rest.

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