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Literary Treks podcast discusses THE CAPTAIN’S OATH

The Literary Treks podcast, on the Trek.FM podcast network, has just released an episode in which they talk about Star Trek: The Original Series — The Captain’s Oath. They invited me to do a phone interview for the show, but we couldn’t work out the timing, so instead they sent me a list of questions by e-mail, and they read out a number of my written answers on the show. So it’s sort of an indirect interview.

Mainly, though, hosts Bruce Gibson and Dan Gunther discuss their thoughts about the book, which gets pretty spoilery, so I’d recommend reading the book first. They had some very kind things to say about the novel, and offered some insights that hadn’t really occurred to me. You can listen to the podcast here (the segment about The Captain’s Oath begins 22 minutes in):


(I tried embedding the player, but apparently WordPress won’t let me do that.)

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