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A thought about our current predicament

Thinking about the coronavirus and the way we’re practically shutting down the whole of society for it, I realized something:

It’s commendable that we as a society are so willing to disrupt our entire lives and endure hardship in order to protect our most vulnerable members. Most of us could probably weather the disease, but we’re not willing to sacrifice the old and weak for the convenience of the majority. It’s not even a question. So maybe there’s more hope for us as a civilization than it’s often seemed these past few years.

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  1. Larry Mager
    March 18, 2020 at 8:11 pm

    As much as I hate to admit it, Christopher and as a 1st Generation “Trekkie” ( Yep, I was there for the beginning in 64), I’m now, as is my Wife/BFF, One of those so-called “elderly”…JUST! Sooo…We go out only when We have to, and come home and read, and read, and read. Occasionally, We watch PBS or “The Great British Baking Show”. We appreciate those who are trying to keep the Covid from us…especially since I’m only about 2 months out of emergency open heart triple bypass. And a special Thank You to You, Christopher for writing not only Your original work, but that BEAUTIFUL “Rise of the Federation” series. Cheers! Larry and Jaqui

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